Allow us to provide you with a high quality roofing solution.

We will evaluate and provide you with options for your roof investment which may not necessarily need a costly and time consuming tear off. There are a lot of roofs that can be 'saved' rather than torn off and redone, which makes re-roofing more economical. You don't have to pay for disposal and it beats paying for constant leak repair. Today there are millions of square feet of heavy, BUR and torch down roofs in serious decline due to age and the effects of thermal expansion. By applying material or coating over the top of your existing roof, you avoid problems such as asbestos abatement in older roofing saving time and money.

Single-ply roofing membranes provide great flexibility and UV resistance, can be installed in one layer using fasteners or adhesives, and come in a variety of materials including TPO and PVC. With the GAF Everguard System Pledge Warranty, your roof will be covered against leaks for 20 years even if ownership is transferred. 

We offer the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty on all our commercial shingle roofs which is provided by the the manufacturer and covers labor and materials for 40 years and leaks for 20 years even if Tristate was no longer in operation. 

We will provide you with the best option(s) for your for your specific project.